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Emma McLaren | Sustainable Seafood Consultant

Industry Sector: Finance and Business

Episode Notes

How to create a passion adjacent career: Lessons learned from a sustainable seafood consultant.

During her interview, Emma mentioned a number of organizations, places, and names that are likely to be new to most! Here are links to this information for you to explore.

Ocean Conservation and Seafood Organizations to look up:

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program (leader in sustainable seafood recommendations): www.seafoodwatch.org/ Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (where Emma worked): www.sustainablefish.org/ FishWise (Local Santa Cruz Consultancy): fishwise.org/

Masters of Marine Management Programs:

Dalhousie University: www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm.html University of Rhode Island: web.uri.edu/maf/ Outside North America: www.masterstudies.com/Masters-Degreeā€¦gement/?page=2

Katie Simpson | Teaching Artist

Industry Sector: Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Episode Notes

Katie Simpson's enthusiasm and appreciation toward art and the creation of art is nearly unmatched! Katie earned her Master's of Fine Arts at the City College of New York, after which she returned to her hometown of Santa Cruz and began to spread the love of art through teaching. Tune in as Katie talks about her career journey and discusses the lessons she picked up along the way.

Dr Ginger Charles | Dept. Chair and Instructor of Criminal Justice at Cabrillo College

Industry Sector: Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Episode Notes

"I had seven [people] at gun point... it was just me... five of them went straight to the ground, but two of them began walking at me from opposite directions..."

Dr. Ginger Charles as sat down with the What To Be crew and shared incredible stories to walk us along her career journey. Dr. Charles earned her master's and Ph.D. during her time as a Law Enforcement Officer before moving into academia, and was hired last Fall by Cabrillo College as the Chair and Prof. of Criminal Justice.

Erik Gillberg | Founder & CEO of Now City

Industry Sector: Information and Computer Technologies

Episode Notes

In this week's episode, we hear from Eric Gillberg, founder and CEO of Now City, a sustainability consulting company in Santa Cruz. Eric's unique background has given him perspective and wisdom to share with listeners. Tune in!